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Effective July 13, 2010, use of the court’s electronic filing system (CM/ECF) is mandatory for all attorneys filing in this Court, unless counsel is granted an exemption.


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Attorneys who have already registered as ECF Filers and completed the training requirements may access the electronic filing system here.
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CM/ECF is an electronic document filing system which allows attorneys and parties to file documents from their home or office 24 hours a day and provides round-the-clock access to filed documents via the Internet, with the ability to download and print directly from the docket. CM/ECF will electronically serve documents on other ECF Filers and will automatically notify ECF Filers via e-mail of any case activity.

The General Order No.2 adopted by the court on May 10, 2010 sets forth rules governing electronic filing. Among other things, these rules address which documents can and cannot be filed electronically. Documents filed by parties in interest who are prose, Motions to seal the underlying motion, any document exceeding 6.5 megabytes, and documents filed by an exempted attorney must be filed in paper form. ECF Filers should familiarize themselves with General Order No.2 (and the rules contained therein) before filing a document electronically.

To file documents electronically in the CM/ECF System, ECF Filers must register with PACER for an Appellate ECF Filer Account by going to Pacer Service Center. Registration is limited to attorneys. The length of time required to process registrations will depend on the number of pending requests. An attorney who needs to file a motion for emergency relief, and is unsure whether his registration request will be processed in time, should contact the clerk’s office as soon as possible to make special arrangements.


Click here for technical requirements for using the electronic filing system.


ECF Filers are encouraged to complete certain electronic learning modules (“ELMs”) before filing a document electronically. The ELMs consist of two series of lessons. Each series of lessons takes about 30-35 minutes to review. The first series of lessons demonstrate how to file a motion, a response, and a brief. The second series of lessons provide filing tips and advice on how to avoid common errors.

  • Click here for the “Lessons on Electronic Case Filing” ELM (rev. 12/21/09)
  • Click here for the “Tips for Electronic Filing” ELM (rev. 12/21/09)

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ECF Filers are also required to familiarize themselves with the CM/ECF system before filing a document electronically by reviewing the CM/ECF User’s Guide. The CM/ECF User’s Guide contains a wealth of detailed information to help you learn how to file documents electronically, including the following important sections:

Most questions can be resolved by reviewing the CM/ECF User’s Guide and/or the Mandatory ELMs, or the other materials on the court’s website. If you have consulted those materials and still need help, you may contact the Clerk’s Office during our regular business hours (8:30 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time) by calling the BAP ECF Help Desk at 617-748-4774, or you may e-mail the ECF Help Desk at If you send an e-mail, please include all relevant information including case number(s), filer’s name, error message text, and any other information that can assist us in answering your question. You can expect a reply from the court during the court’s regular business hours.
  • For technical assistance and guidance, please see the PACER Service Center’s CM/ECF FAQs.
  • For assistance in converting documents to .PDF format, click here.
The First Circuit BAP is not supporting a separate link for Macintosh users but is rather requesting that they install Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6 or higher), an inexpensive software. If you are unable to install Snow Leopard, please contact the ECF Help Desk for assistance.